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L5460 Cab Model Shown

L5460 Cab Model Shown

L3560 HSTC



Kubota's Grand L60 Series is the ultimate package for outstanding performance and maximum operator comfort in the 37-62 HP tractor segment. Premium in design and powerful in performance, the Grand L60 Series is equipped with high quality Kubota engines and transmissions. Whether you’re mowing, landscaping or needing front-mounted implements, Kubota has the versatility capabilities to match your needs. All of this is backed up with Kubota’s reputation for quality and durability, so you can maximize your productivity.

  • Type: Direct injection, vertical, water-cooled 4 cycle diesel
  • Engine gross power hp (kW): 37.0 (27.6)
  • Engine net power hp (kW): 35.0 (26.1)
  • PTO power hp (kW): 28.0 (20.9)
  • No. of cylinders / Aspiration: 3 / Natural with EGR
  • Bore & stroke in. (mm): 3.4 x 4.0 (87 x 102.4)
  • Total displacement cu. in. (cc): 111.4 (1826)
  • Rated speed rpm: 2600
  • Battery: 12V, RC: 133 min, CCA: 582A
  • Alternator: 12V, 60A
  • Fuel tank capacity US gal. (L): 13.5 (51)
  • Rear PTO Revolution: 1 speed: 540 rpm
  • Rear PTO Type: Independent
  • Mid PTO: Option
  • Mid PTO Revolution: 1 speed: 2000 rpm
  • Lift control type: Position: Standard
  • Lift control type: Draft: Option
  • Implement pump GPM (L/min.): 8.1 (30.4)
  • Power steering pump GPM (L/min.): 4.7 (17.9)
  • Total hydraulic flow GPM (L/min.): 12.8 (48.3)
  • 3-point hitch: Category I
  • Lift capacity at 24 in. behind lift point lb. (kg): 2646 (1200)
Traveling System
  • Transmission: HST Plus (3 Ranges)
  • Steering: Hydrostatic power steering
  • Brake: Wet disc type
Standard Tire Size
  • Front: 7.0-16
  • Rear: 12.4-24
Travel Speeds
  • No. of speeds (at rated engine speed): HST Plus (3 Ranges)
  • H-DS L-L Forward/Reverse - mph (km/h): 2.1 (3.4) / 1.9 (3.0)
  • H-DS L-M Forward/Reverse - mph (km/h): 4.3 (6.9) / 3.9 (6.2)
  • H-DS L-H Forward/Reverse - mph (km/h): 9.9 (15.9) / 8.9 (14.3)
  • H-DS H-L Forward/Reverse - mph (km/h): 3.5 (5.6) / 3.2 (5.1)
  • H-DS H-M Forward/Reverse - mph (km/h): 7.1 (11.5) / 6.4 (10.3)
  • H-DS H-H Forward/Reverse - mph (km/h): 16.5 (26.5) / 14.9 (23.9)
Dimensions and Weight
  • Overall length (w/o 3P): 115.0 (2920)
  • Overall width (min. tread): 59.8 (1520)
  • Overall height: 90.6 (2300)
  • Wheelbase: 71.1 (1805)
  • Min. ground clearance: 13.5 (342)
  • Tread Front: 45.5 (1155)
  • Tread Rear: 47.2 (1200); 51.2 (1300); 54.5 (1385); 58.3 (1480)
  • Min. turning radius (w/brake, 4WD disengaged): 8.9 (2.7)
  • Weight: 3880 (1760)
  • Transmission Options: Kubota’s transmissions are built by Kubota and specifically designed to maximize the speed and torque to meet your needs. Fully Synchronized Main and Shuttle Transmission (FST) –The 8F/8R FST features two ranges and a fully synchronized main gear shift for easy shifting – without stopping; Glide Shift Transmission (GST) – Easy-to-use, featuring 12 speeds and clutchless operation to allow for greater speed matching with effortless shifting on the go; HST Plus Transmission – 3-range HST Plus transmission is easy to operate and comes with many other features to increase tractor productivity; Auto Throttle Advance – Automatically increases engine RPMs when transmission speed increases, then decreases engine RPMs when transmission speed decreases; Hydrostatic Dual Speed (HDS) – Allows for Hi-Low ranges in addition to the 3-Range HST which allows you to choose a lower or higher set of speeds within each of the main Hi-Medium-Low ranges; Auto HDS – Automatically adjusts the HDS depending on how much load the tractor is taking on; Adjustable Sensitivity – Adjusts the speed of response from the treadle pedal when increasing or decreasing speed; Cruise Control – Allows the operator to maintain a constant speed without keeping their foot on the treadle pedal; Stall Guard – A great feature for first-time users, the stall guard prevents the tractor from stalling out, even under heavy loads.
  • Front Hitch: With two Kubota exclusive 4-point quick connect front hitch options, attaching front implements like blades, sweepers, snow blowers and flail mowers has never been easier. With a choice between a manual and fully auto front hitch, Kubota answers your needs for versatility. Available Implements: 62”/64”/72”/74” Utility Snow Blower Options, 74” & 80” Commercial Snow Blower Options, 60”/72”/84” Front Blade Options, 60” & 72” Rotary Sweeper Options, 72” Flail Mower.
  • Performance Matched Front End Loader: Kubota Built Front Loader – Kubota’s front loaders are built by Kubota and specifically designed to maximize the performance of the front loader and tractor; Standard 2-lever Quick Coupler – The standard mechanical or optional hydraulic 2-lever quick coupler make removing and attaching loader attachments quick and easy, with no tools required; Optional 3rd Function Valve – For attachments that require hydraulic power such as grapples; Easy-to-Remove – The Kubota LA555, LA805 and LA1055 front loaders are designed to be easy-to-remove and reinstall – without tools –whenever the job demands it; Maximum Visibility – Kubota’s front loaders come with a curved boom design for optimum visibility; Ease of Use – With plenty of lift capacity, simultaneous lift and curl functions and a standard 2-lever quick coupler, the Kubota LA555, LA805 and LA1055 front loaders make it easy to complete your task with speed and ease.
  • Performance Matched Backhoe: Kubota Built Backhoe – Kubota’s backhoes are built by Kubota and specifically designed to maximize the performance of the backhoe and tractor; Easy-to-Remove – The Kubota BH77 and BH92 are easily removed without the use of tools; Optional Mechanical Thumb – Adding a thumb increases versatility and makes lifting objects even easier; Ease of Use – Designed with plenty of dig depth and reach, smooth hydraulics, cushioning valves to prevent shock when the dipper reaches the end of the cylinder stroke and ample room for the operator, you will find the BH77 and BH92 are not only easy-to-use, but also a pleasure to work with.
  • Designed to Perform: The Grand L60 Series is designed with strength and durability in mind, featuring: Kubota Diesel Engine – Kubota is the #1 manufacturer of under 100 HP non-automotive, multi-cylinder diesel engines in the World; Common Rail System (CRS) – The CRS system delivers greater fuel savings, less engine noise and vibration and better emissions, while still maintaining a high level of power and torque; Kubota Performance Matched – The Grand L60 Series is built by Kubota for Kubota, it’s not a rebranded product built and distributed by multiple manufacturers; Metal Hood and Fenders – Strong and durable metal hood and fenders will not only protect your equipment, but keep it looking good for a long time to come.
  • Premium Tractor: The Grand L60 Series is designed with deluxe features for optimum comfort: Spacious Operator’s Station – Easy to get on and off with plenty of leg room to increase operator comfort; Modern Dash Panel (ROPS Models) – Easy-to-read with all the information displayed right in front of the operator; IntelliPanel Display (Cab Models) – Stay up-to-date with our easy-to-read display, showing all of your information right in front of you; Easy-to-Use Controls – Simple controls that are easy to understand and operate, even for first time users; Kubota Treadle Pedal Design – Effortlessly change speed and direction using Kubota’s forward and reverse treadle pedals; Deluxe Suspension Seat with Armrest– Increases operator comfort; Optional Air Ride Suspension Seat – Further increases comfort by absorbing shock; Tilt Steering Wheel – Allows you to adjust the steering wheel for maximum comfort; Rubber Floor Mat – Reduces noise and vibration, creating a more comfortable ride while decreasing fatigue; Cab & ROPS Version – Available with either economical ROPS or the comfort of a climate-controlled cab; Transmission Options – With a choice between the Kubota built, easy-to-use HST Plus, Glide Shift (GST) or Fully Synchronized (FST) transmission, you’resure to find the right balance of speed and torque to get your job done quickly and efficiently; Cruise Control – Allows the operator to maintain a constant speed without keeping their foot on the treadle pedal; Hydraulic Live-Independent PTO – Easy-to-use, no clutching or stopping; Ready for a Long Day – Standard cup holder, tool box and large fuel tank capacity; Power Steering – Hydrostatic power steering to increase smooth operation in tight turns.
Cab Features
  • Grand Cab: Step inside the Grand L60 cab and discover spaciousness beyond expectation. Interior space has been increased by approximately 20 percent over previous model, and glass has been used extensively to minimize blind spots for a grander view of your surroundings. You also get wider opening doors for easier cabin entry and exit, a deluxe swivel-type suspension seat, more legroom, ample headroom and abundant storage compartments to store all your necessities and manual.
  • Air Conditioning with Internal Recirculation and External Air Ventilation: The cab's deluxe air conditioner/heater can increase cooling, heating and air ventilation for greater climate control. You can switch between internal recirculation and external air ventilation: cool your cab quickly and thoroughly with the internal recirculation mode and the air in the cab will stay fresh.
  • New IntelliPanel™: Stay up to date on the status of your Grand L60 tractor at all times with the IntelliPanel™. Combining an analog tachometer, temperature gauge and fuel gauge, a large-screen dot matric digital panel, and upper and lower indicator, the IntelliPanel™ keeps you informed on the tractor's status including maintenance at a single glance.
  • Standard Indicators: The IntelliPanel's standard indicators display the hour meter, trip meter, fuel consumption, PTO revolutions, HST information, particulate matter accumulation and maintenance information on the large and easy-t-read screen. The information can be switched easily with button operation. Furthermore, warning indicators, scheduled service alerts and DPF regeneration are also indicated on the panel to keep you informed at all times.
  • Cruise Control: To keep your working speed constant, simply adjust the cruise control switch to your desired speed- and go.
  • Upper Front Side Lights Switch: The upper front side lights switch is close at hand when you need extra visibility to the sides.
  • Column-type Combination Lever: This new combination and switch allows you to operate the headlights and indicators with car-like ease.
  • Worklights : In addition to the lower forward headlights, the upper front side lights provide a wider field of view when operating in the dark or in enclosed buildings like the shed or barn.
The company reserves the right to change the above specifications without notice. This brochure is for descriptive purposes only. Please contact your local Kubota dealer for warranty information. For your safety, Kubota strongly recommends the use of a Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) and seat belt in almost all applications. For complete operational information, the operator’s manual should be consulted.



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
Direct injection, vertical, water-cooled 4 cycle diesel. Displacement:111.4 cu. in. (1826 cc)
Gross: 37.0 hp (27.6 kW); Net: 35.0 hp (26.1 kW)
28.0 hp (20.9 kW)
Rated RPM
2600 rpm
Bore and Stroke
3.4 x 4.0 in. (87 x 102.4 mm)


71.1 in. (1805 mm)
90.6 in. (2300 mm)
59.8 in. (1520 mm)
3880 lb. (1760 kg)
Ground Clearance
13.5 in. (342 mm)
Tire Size
Front: 7.0-16; Rear: 12.4-24


Fuel System
Direct injection
Fuel Capacity
13.5 gal. (51 L)
HST Plus (3 Ranges)
Wet disc type
Total pump output: 12.8 gpm (48.3 Lpm)


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