2010 Massey Ferguson 2605 Utility Tractor


MasseyF 2605_7-19_KB163A

MasseyF 2605_7-19_KB163A

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Massey Ferguson
2605 Utility Tractor




All three 2600 Series tractor models feature the naturally aspirated direct-injection Simpson® diesel engine that delivers dependable, fuel-efficient performance.


Choose from the standard 8x2 CenterShift transmission on all three models or the 8x8 SynchroShuttle transmission available on Models 2615 and 2625, to best complement your operation.


The 2600 Series have three separate hydraulic systems that deliver maximum hydraulic flow to the Steering, 3-Point Hitch & Auxiliary Hydraulics.

Eight forward speeds and two reverse speeds let you choose the right gear for the job at hand. The 8x8 SynchroShuttle is available on Models 2615 & 2625.


Every 2600 Series tractor features three hydraulic systems that deliver maximum hydraulic flow and maximum power-where you need it when you need it. With dedicated systems for steering, 3-point and auxiliary hydraulics-you can always be sure to have ample hydraulic flow.

The steering system is a completely separate system with a dedicated engine driven gear pump and reservoir to ensure you always have plenty of hydraulic flow for the hydrostatic steering. With up to 6.9 gallons per minute of hydraulic flow, steering a tractor has never been easier.

The auxiliary hydraulic system provides upwards of 11 gallons per minute of hydraulic flow to the loader valve or optional rear remotes. The internal-open center gear pump provides ample oil flow to the loader joystick for fast cycle times when doing loader work.

The optional rear remote valves are Spring Return to Neutral (SRN) to provide oil flow to implements such as a hay rake, rear angling blade or log splitter. For added hydraulic flow from the 2600 Series hydraulic system, ask your dealer about the optional combining valves.

The 3-point hitch system hydraulic flow and control is provided via the Scotch-Yoke pump located inside the transmission. The unique and accurate system provides up to 4.7 gallons per minute of dedicated hydraulic flow to the 3-point hitch. The Scotch-Yoke pump is an inlet controlled pump that provides virtually infinite control over the 3-point hitch positioning for important tasks like box blading or grading.

3 Point Hitch:

Every Massey Ferguson 2600 Series tractor has the Legendary Ferguson 3-point hitch system. Over 60 years ago, Harry Ferguson developed what came to be known as the 3-point hitch. His idea of using the weight of the implement as ballast for traction has been copied on nearly every modern day tractor. With lift capacity at the hitch point of 3,195 pounds on Models 2605 & 2615 and 4,520 pounds on Model 2625, these stout tractors can take on any job that requires accurate and efficient control of a 3-point implement.

Top Link draft sensing is standard and is ideal for controlling the depth of ground engaging implements like a plow or cultivator. As the tractor starts to pull hard through tough soil, the draft sensing automatically adjusts the depth of the implement to maintain ground speed.

Other features like cross drilled ball ends make hooking up to different category implements an easy task. Optional extendable lower links make hooking up to implements a fast chore.


Every 2600 Series tractor has a choice of either a Live or Independent PTO. The Live PTO is considered to be the value priced PTO option, while the Independent PTO is an upgrade. Regardless of which PTO choice, the PTO is an important part of the tractor and needs to be considered when purchasing a utility tractor.

The Live PTO consists of a Dual Stage clutch that is engaged using the Two Stage clutch pedal and an engagement lever. This economical PTO choice is easy to use and control. Ideal for everyday use, the Live PTO is available on all 2605 models as well as any 2615 or 2625 with an 8x2 CenterShift transmission.

The Independent PTO consists of an Electro-hydraulically engaged, multi disc wet clutch. The PTO is engaged by the simple pull of a switch to make starting and stopping the PTO very easy to do on the go. The multi-disc wet clutch is modulated for smooth and efficient start up of any PTO operated implement. What's more, 540 RPM at the PTO is achieved at a relatively low engine RPM which will save fuel plus wear and tear on the tractor engine.

Operator's Area:

The open and uncluttered operators area on the 2600 Series tractors has color coded controls, making the 2600 Series tractors easy to drive for any operator.

An automotive style dash displays the Engine RPM, fuel level, oil pressure, water temperature & alternator charge.

The folding ROPS allows the tractor to be parked in a standard garage.

The footstep operator's area allows easy access on and off the tractor while keeping the overall height of the tractor lower than a fully flat deck.

Pendant type clutch and brake pedals are more ergonomic to operate and provide the appearance of a very clean operator's area.

The seat is fully adjustable to accommodate any size operator and has a retractable seat belt.

Overall, the operator's area of the 2600 Series tractors is very user friendly with features that make every minute spent operating the tractor a joy rather than a chore.


Routine maintenance has never been easier. The newly designed hood flips up and out of the way to make checking the engine oil, cleaning the air cleaner, or any other regular maintenance items a breeze. Two gas struts hold the hood up and out of the way so servicing the tractor is a quick and easy task.


Add accessories to your tractor to make it YOUR tractor.

Accessories include: rear auxiliary hydraulic valves, extendable lower links, canopy, front weight carrier, grille guard, 72 in. tread setting hose kit, arm rest, horizontal exhaust & block heater.

All of these accessories can be added to make the tractor more customized to your operation. Whether is the extendable lower links to make hooking up to 3-point implements easier or the front weight carrier to ballast the tractor, these accessories will allow you to fit the tractor to your specific needs.


All Massey Ferguson 2600 series come standard with R1-Agricultural tires. R4-Industrial Tires are available on certain models.


Whether you are moving dirt, bales, or pallets, a Massey Ferguson loader will make easy work of any job. The rigid-mounted L200 loader can be used with 2WD models and the DL250 loader with 4WD models.

The L200 loader features amplifying links for added dump and curl angle as well as the option to choose pin-type or skid-steer type attachments which provide the ultimate in flexibility when needing to change between attachments on a regular basis.

The DL250 is a quick-attach loader that can be removed in a matter of minutes. The DL250 features amplifying links, and pin-type or skid-steer type attachments. The curved boom design matches the stylish body lines of the 2600 Series tractors.

Both the L200 & DL250 are available with a loader joystick for ease of control and a grille guard to protect the hood of the tractor.

Attachments include a range of bucket sizes from 66 in. to 72 in., bales spear & pallet forks.

  • SAE Gross Engine HP @ rated engine rpm: 38.5 hp (28.7 kW)
  • PTO HP @ rated engine rpm (LIVE PTO): 32 hp (23.9 kW)
  • PTO HP @ rated engine rpm (Independent PTO): 30 hp (22.4 kW)
  • Rated engine rpm: 2000 rpm
  • SIMPSON® engine model: S325.3 Tier II
  • Cylinders/Aspiration: 3/Natural
  • Total displacement: 152.6 (2.5 l)
  • Cold Starting Aid: Thermostart
  • Fuel tank capacity: 11.1 gal. (42 l)
  • Type with Live PTO: Dry Dual Disc
  • Diameter Traction Clutch: 12 in. (305 mm)
  • Diameter of PTO Clutch: 10 in. (254 mm)
  • Type with Independent PTO: Dry Single Disc
  • Diameter Traction Clutch: 12 in. (305 mm)
  • Hydraulic Engaged Independent PTO Clutch: Wet Multi Disc
  • Type Standard: 8F x 2R
Brakes & Final Drives
  • Final drives with 8x2 Transmission: Direct Drive
  • Brakes: Dry Drum
PTO Type
  • Type Standard (8x2 Transmission Only): Live (Dual Stage Dry Clutch)
  • Type Optional: Independent (Electro-hydraulically engaged Multi Disc Wet Clutch)
  • PTO Speed @ Engine RPM (6 Spline Shaft): 540 @ 1,790 ERPM
  • System type: Open Center & Modified Closed Center
  • Pump type: Gear & Scotch Yoke
  • Total flow (Steering + Aux + 3-point pump): 20.9 gpm (79 l/min)
  • Steering pump flow: 6.9 gpm (26 l/min)
  • Auxiliary pump flow: 9.8 gpm (37 l/min)
  • 3-point hitch pump: 4.2 gpm (16 l/min)
  • Remote Valves Standard: None
  • Remote Valves Optional: 1 or 2 rear valves
Three-Point Hitch
  • ASAE category: Category I & II Cross Drilled Ball Ends
  • Extendable lower links: Optional
  • Stabilizers: Chain type
  • Lift capacity @ hitch point(horizontal position): 3195 lbs. (1450 kg)
  • Battery CCA: 622 (SAE)
  • Alternator amperage: 36 amps
  • Trailer outlet: Standard
  • Horn: Standard
Weight & Dimensions
  • Rear tire used for measurement: 13.6x28
  • Wheelbase: 76 in. (1937 mm) / 77 in. (1952 mm)
  • Overall length: 129 in. (3285 mm) / 130 in. (3300 mm)
  • Min overall width: 66 in. (1670 mm)
  • Min Tread Setting: 52 in. (1320 mm)
  • Height top of ROPS: 92 in. (2345 mm)
  • Ground clearance @ drawbar: 10 in. (255 mm)
  • 2WD platform approx. shipping weight: 4080 lbs. (1850 kg)
  • 4WD platform approx. shipping weight: 4530 lbs. (2055 kg)
Tire Sizes Will Vary Dimensions & Weights



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
SIMPSON® S325.3; Tier II; 3 cylinder; Naturally aspired diesel
38.5 hp (28.7 kW)
LIVE PTO: 32 hp (23.9 kW); Independent PTO: 30 hp (22.4 kW)
Rated RPM
2000 rpm


76 in. (1937 mm) / 77 in. (1952 mm)
Top of ROPS: 92 in. (2345 mm)
Min overall width: 66 in. (1670 mm)
2WD platform approx. shipping weight: 4080 lbs. (1850 kg); 4WD platform approx. shipping weight: 4530 lbs. (2055 kg)
Ground Clearance
Drawbar: 10 in. (255 mm)


Fuel Capacity
11.1 gal. (42 l)
8F x 2R
Dry Drum
System type: Open Center & Modified Closed Center; Pumps type: Gear & Scotch Yoke
Drive Type
2WD or 4WD